ColleenBurns.Net was created for network marketers and entrepreneurs. The concept behind is to empower the minds of network marketers and entrepreneurs and to improve their mindset and blogging skills. As a network marketer and entrepreneur myself, I know the humble beginnings and struggles with daily methods of operation (DMO) and learning new skills, especially when there is no motivation for when “one of those days” occurs. I still have them, though not as much.

Being in Ray Higdon’s coaching program has helped me immensely with this, and now I help those with what I used to struggle with – mindset, blogging, confidence. Through Ray Higdon’s coaching program, I have learned that vision will always propel me forward, and that network marketing is “Attraction Marketing.” The difference between these two is not only vision, but also learning the daily habits and routines and implementing them. His I-L-T (Invest, Learn, Teach) Method has also immensely helped me. Now I offer the same with my attraction marketing skills to you through my own coaching program Private Network Marketing Association, as you embark and continue on with your network marketing and entrepreneurial journey each day.

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