About ColleenBurnsNetwork.com

ColleenBurnsNetwork.com is created as the main hub for the three websites I have established over time. I created this so as to showcase my many talents to provide and offer tips, educational posts, and inspirational posts on various topics, primarily martial arts, bullying, and network marketing through these three websites. Not everyone knows I have three websites. ColleenBurnsNetwork.com is more of a webpage to serve those who may not be aware of the various websites I have, in which can offer and provide solutions to audiences within the martial arts, anti-bullying, and network marketing niches.

The blog posts on this website will be more of a creative style, in which you cannot find anywhere else. They are not of martial arts, anti-bullying, or network marketing posts. They will be more of a variety of my creative style in which I write – essays, poetry, short stories – on various topics. Posts on this website will be made each week on Saturdays and Sundays and not every day like the other websites I have.

To access the other three websites themselves, please direct yourself to the appropriate website links below in which interests you.

The one theme you can always find in common with each website is the empowering mindset and inspiration I like to offer and provide to you. Hence, I refer to ColleenBurnsNetwork.com as “Empowerment Central,” for you to find which subject matter you want to be inspired and empowered in. May you be inspired and empowered today, tomorrow, and for your future to come.

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