A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind

A beautiful mind. The best life has to offer. Nothing can be so beautiful than your mind. Especially a positive mind. An optimistic mind. A mind that has many thoughts, many ideas, many creations. But your mind only becomes beautiful when you express it. The thoughts running through your head. The ideas you have thought of. The creations you long to create. For when you express all these and many more, you are sharing your life, sharing your creativity, sharing your mind. And that’s what’s beautiful.

You may not always agree. There may be differences. There may be some debates, some arguments. But the best about having a beautiful mind is the art of harmony, peace, and balance you have inside yourself. For when you have harmony, peace, and balance, you have the art of forgiveness. And when you have forgiveness, you are at one with yourself, yet complete with others. That’s what makes life beautiful, what makes your mind beautiful.

A beautiful mind has no regrets, has no shame. A beautiful mind is willing and open to trying new things and learning new things. For when you are open to trying new things and learning new things, you are saying that you are open to learning about others and listening to what they have to say. A closed mind is not beautiful. A closed mind is someone who is arrogant, self-righteous, and egotistical. A closed mind does not want to hear what others have to say, nor is open to listening to others. A closed mind does not want to learn about others.

So, today, be open and have a beautiful mind. For when you learn about others, you learn about yourself. You become a better human being. You are not afraid to be you, to be original, to stay true to who you are. Accept yourself, accept others, and have a beautiful mind. For a beautiful mind will shape you, your character, and your life.


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Allow your creativity to be beautiful and inspirational for others.





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