My Artwork Through The Years

My Artwork Through the Years

From the age of about 4-years old, I started drawing. I found it calming and relaxing, and I enjoyed doing it. From scenery outside, my imagination, calendar and magazine photos I liked, and inside scenery of the house I grew up in, I have created the artwork below. I do not remember all the dates of the artwork I created, but these were done during my grade school, middle, and high school years back in the 1980s. The artist in me took over as my depression and isolation set in even more due to the cause of the bullying I endured at that particular school in Vermont. Drawing, painting, and writing became my solace, among other things. The highlight of three particular pieces of my artwork is noted below.

Created with Pencil:

#1: (Cat Playing with A String Ball)


#2: (Dog in Doghouse)


#3: (Butterfly Over A Fence)


#4: (Butterfly Over A Fence)


#5: (Flowers In Vase On Windowsill)


#6: (Cat on Couch)


#7: (Lighthouse)


#8: (Unicorn)


#9: *(West Rutland High School Lobby)*


Created with Colored Pencils and CrayPas (colored chalk Pencils):

#10: (Willows in Vase)


Created with CrayPas (colored chalk pencils):

#11: (Island)


Created with Acrylic Paints:

#12: (Canyon)




Created with Chalk Pencils:

#14: (Rapidograph of A Bird)


Created with A Fountain Pen:

#15: *(House)*

*These were displayed by my high school art teacher at a local grocery store in Rutland, Vermont, sometime in 1988 – 89 with other artist’s artwork. They were noticed by an anonymous person, who to this day I still don’t know who it was. But because of this particular person, I received an invitation to participate and attend the Governor’s Institute of the Arts in 1989. It was a two-week program held at Castleton State College, in Castleton, Vermont. I was one of three people to represent my high school at the Governor’s Institute of the Arts that year.

Which one do you like the most?


Please comment on and share the one you like the most.

Allow your creativity to be beautiful and inspirational for others.





Colleen Burns


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