Adventures of Sinbad

Adventures of Sinbad

(based on the Television Series)

Here he comes a-walking down the river with a walking stick in hand.

Pulls his trousers over his waist, ready to sink in his line.

He reminisces of the wars he fought.

He has been at it all day, and not a thing he has caught.

He scratches his head as he waits for a sign.

Grumpy old man makes the cold earth his bed.

The gleam in his eyes speak of adventure as he stares into the sunset.

His rusty, old beard gathers up the dust.

He don’t care – in his heart he’s Dubar, the mighty one.

On guard, the protector that he is.

Always looking over his shoulder ready to fight, ready to defend

With vigilante eyes, with fast hands.

The ever, so quick, defiant one; the night watchman of them all.

Rongard is the brother that is so gracious.

The courage inside makes him stand tall.

Proud to be reckoned with,

He is the saint, the angel that looks upon the other soldiers.

He knows in his heart they would do the same as Rongard would do for them.

It’s in their blood to love and honor each other.

Silence overcomes Veruse when he is thinking of a plan.

It could be sly and sinister or just a joke on hand.

The one with the humor, the smile that make you want to laugh.

The ideas he comes up with only Veruse can think of

When Sinbad has no clue and doesn’t have to ask.

The philosopher, the scientist – Veruse needs to get inside your mind.

Maeve is his accomplice; together they create the perfect crime.

Maeve as pretty as can be, the flirtatious of them all.

She’s got it made; she has three brothers as a family.

Sinbad doesn’t count. He’s the majestic soldier she admires in her heart.

She would say it isn’t so, but the temptation is hard to hide.

She may be a magician, but all is said in her eyes.

Maeve is a gifted apprentice, a wizard, a sorcerer.

Make her mad, she can make you disappear,

As her eyes can turn red, just like a devil.

She can read the human mind and talk to the wild.

Her soul is the home of her sidekick,

The ever distinct white-haired hawk, Dermott,

Who flies to her side in need.

He soars the sky, looking for any danger that may lie ahead of them

Before another day is gone.

His wings are as brave as they are strong.

He is as human as you an I, the wildest of the bunch.

He has the freedom to travel anywhere he wants.

He can hide without even trying.

He can appear without detection, for he is a part of the nature

That Mother Earth was born to perceive.

The leader of them all, he is called on by Sinbad

When Sinbad gets his crew lost.

The captain of the crew, the navigator of the ship that sails the high seas.

His fierceness he hides; Sinbad shows his friendliness to many.

But, beware of the awakening of the dead comes the Spirit of the Gods.

Sinbad is quick to defend himself, his warriors.

 He draws his sword to fight off the evil; a never-ending battle carries on.

The vicious have to go through him before they can plunder his family.

On a mountain he must climb, on a sea he must cross,

On land he must travel, he has to face the darkest enemies.

Only blood is thicker than water,

And the courage to continue he knows too well.

It’s a gift from God that came to be…



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