Just Some Jibe

Just Some Jibe

 I can’t do much when I got writer’s block.

I’m just wastin’ time

When I could be doin’ somethin’ else that’s worth while.

I can’t think of anything at this point,

So, I’m writing just what comes to mind.

Rocking out to some Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Maybe the metal’s gettin’ to me after all this time.

Nah, never, I don’t think so,

‘Cause I love my rock ‘n’ roll too much.


Maybe if I rock out to some Poison or Warrant

I’d think of something more creative to write,

Instead I sit here and daydream of meeting my influences,

Like the Leppard, Jovi, RATT, or the Crue.

This is just some jibe I came up with.

God knows if it makes much sense to you.

I’m just writing some jibe, yeah, that’s my style.

This is what happens when you are a writer, and you get writer’s block.

Frustrated and contemplating what to write next.

Dear, Lord, make it stop before I find something else

That will fit into this trashcan.

No one is around right now,

So I’ve got ten-minute “Coma” playing really loud.

Six o’clock, and I feel it’s time to eat.

Gotta walk down a flight of stairs and across campus.

 Oh, wait, the doors are locked, and it’s just me.

And here I am writing some jibe, just some jibe.

I think “Coma” is about over, which is good because it needs its rest.

I’m just staying busy with my blog and feeling “merciless.”

Now if you don’t know what that is,

“Merciless” is a Mr. Big song,

And I realize now I am dating myself by mentioning it.

hardline pic

Reminds of the year 1992, in Stowe, Vermont,

When I got to hang out with Mr. Big and Hardline.

They were all so sweet and great guys.

Yes, I admit it’s something to remember

Cause I can see myself back then in the month of July.

Just some jibe, all this is just jibe.

There’s no groove, there’s no style.

I think I’ll be listening to Sixx Sense tonight.

Just some jibe I came up with

That has some rhyme with no sense,

And I do apologize,

But it all ends well with just some jibe.


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