Someone To Remember

Someone To Remember

Memories can never replace a lost soul.

They come and go like the wind

Leaving just a trail of dust behind.

When you really think about them,

Memories couldn’t ever mean so much

Only when one leaves without saying goodbye.

As one who admired his work, his charm,

The time spent with him

Felt like a lifetime had passed me by.

Death never comes easily, but it goes away so fast.

You feel you just can’t accept the facts.

It’s like the wind passing you by.

But now there’s nothing expected

And not much left to say.

For only those who know him well,

His soul is only what remains.

Still there lies so many broken hearts.

Sometimes it make me wonder,

Sometimes it makes me want to ask why.

But in the end you’re left all alone considering

Yes, he was someone to remember.

For all the love and talent he had in him,

I hold him close to my heart.

Such a dear, true friend I know

He is and always will be someone to remember. 


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Colleen Burns


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