Be the Best Version of You

Be the Best Version of You

Be the best version of you. You and only you. For it is you who knows yourself best. It is you who knows what you want out of your life. Never allow anyone to control you life. Never allow anyone to control your wants, needs, and desires. For it is you who knows all those things.

Be proud of yourself. Be proud for all that you have accomplished. Even all your struggles. For getting through the struggles that have been bestowed upon you are all a life’s test. They strengthen you – inside and out. They strengthen you to make yourself better, to know what needs to get fixed or changed, to know what you need to improve on, to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Your struggles and inner battles and demons should build you to be better and not make you feel or be worse, for they will characterize you – characterize you in a way to become a better version of yourself or cause you to continue feel the pain you are currently in, which is not a great state to be in. So, be the best version of you.

Press on through the best and the worst of times, for the best version of you is still yet to come. You will attract a tribe – new friends who will become your best of friends. You may lose some in the process, but that just means they never valued you as a friend to begin with. Let that be a lesson to learn, for people will come and go in your life, but the best friends are the ones who will be there for you in your worst and best of times. Continue on to be the best version of you.

Time will be your guiding star. It will make you feel anew with new dreams and visions on the horizon. It will show you the way to improve yourself and be more open and free with others. Someone will come into your life and make you feel loved like you have never been loved. And life will become better, for you will begin to know the feeling of being loved. For love will make you feel complete and balanced in life. For when you feel no love and have no love to give, it is one of the most depressing and worst feelings in the world because you feel so alone. But you know better. You know what you need to make life continue. So accept your loneliness, press on, make the best out of it, and always be the best version of you.

Hearts are yearning and years are turning. Time goes wherever you are. Spend your time wisely and live the life you know you want and desire. For you deserve the best that life has to offer you. Give yourself a chance to live and love again. Be more acceptable of others. Be more loveable and eccentric, for your uniqueness, individuality and personality define you and your character. Your soul and spirit also defines you, for your beliefs strengthen your character and individuality. Be one with yourself, be poised, be positive, and above all, always, always, and always be the best version of you.


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