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To be creative, one must be imaginative. To be imaginative, one must have an artistic mind. To have an artistic mind, one must be open to freely express how (s)he feels in an artistic form – whether it be musically, poetically, photographically, artistically, graphically, etc. – and be willing to share it with the world. Creation is art, and art is universal no matter what type of art it is.

Colleen Burns Network serves as a directory of the “art” in which expresses, informs, educates, inspires, and motivates those who are in need of positivity, confidence, esteem, love, and joy in their life through her three other websites, which covers subjects as martial arts, bullying in schools and in the workplace, and mindset for network marketers and entrepreneurs, listed in the About Page. (About ColleenBurnsNetwork.com)

Colleen Burns Network also provides creative writings of all kinds from poetry, essays, short stories, quotes, and tips to better serve other writers when they are stuck or have that overwhelming mental block commonly known as “writer’s block” – a term in which all writers fear and experience in the BlogRoll. May the creative writings inspire you, wake you, motivate you, give you a feeling of confidence, joy, and love throughout each and every day in which you struggle with as a writer. I know what that is like as I have been there myself. What writer hasn’t?

Colleen Burns Network is a website for writers of all kinds, whether you are a beginner, novelist, essayist, published author, comedic, autobiographer, historian, spiritualist, screenwriter, etc. – as I myself am an aspiring martial art screenwriter. May you find a post in which you can relate to and comment on it. May you find a post in which inspires you to start creating your own again. May you find a post in which gives you that “A-ha!” moment. May you find a post in which livens you up. Whatever mood you came with as you found this website and have navigated through it, may you leave in a better mood than you were in before.

May you enjoy reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. And then let your own creativity and imagination flow…





Colleen Burns

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